Things I Miss in Disney, Part 1: Residential Street

I love Disney. I’m not quite as obsessive as some (for example, I absolutely want to go to other places on my vacations), but I’m almost always planning my next trip or at least dreaming about planning it. One of the things I love so much about Disney is that it’s always changing, always evolving. The downside of that is some of the things that I really love go away or change into something unrecognizable.

“Picture it…”

– Sophia Petrillo, The Golden Girls

One of the things that has gone away is Residential Street in Hollywood Studios (the park formerly known as Disney MGM Studios). Visible during the Backlot Tour, the street was really just a bunch of facades that were used in a variety of television shows, commercials, and movies. My favorite house? The one from The Golden Girls! It was always the highlight of the tour for me. Just thinking about makes me want to cut a big piece of cheesecake and hear stories about St. Olaf and Sicily.


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