England with a Side of Mickey

Prompt: (This is from a few days ago and I’m choosing places, not cites. Rebellion, here I come!) If you could split your time evenly between two places, and two places only, which would these be?

This is an easy one for me: If I could, I’d want to split my time between England and Disney World. Between both, I have almost everything I want: delicious food, culture, sunny skies, gentle rains, and sandy beaches.


The Dude whispering in my ear.

Disney is still one of my favorite places; I’m always planning my next trip – even if the planning is only in my head! I love seeing the Castle again for the first time and I love hearing the entrance music as I walk into Epcot. I love how much attention is paid to even the tiniest detail and how it’s almost preternaturally clean. I love the characters and the laughter and that anyone can spontaneously burst into song. I love the magic.


The cliffs of Tintagel.


Fallen steps near the cave of Merlin


When The Dude and I went to England in 2012, my immediate feeling was one of belonging, of coming home. Sure, parts of it are big, bustling, and expensive, but other parts are lovely and quaint and just breathtaking. I love the history and tradition that is just part of the landscape. I love the diversity of people and places (and foods!) and I love the convention of afternoon tea. Sitting on the cliffs in Tintagel and frolicking in and around Merlin’s Cave made for an almost perfect day.


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