You know it’s finals time when…

I work at a local college and interact with students on a daily basis. Here are 10 surefire signs that it’s finals time:


Athena and her offerings

  1. The main library is open 24 hours and staffed by my student workers. They leave notes for me and each other.
  2. A very tired looking student bursts into tears because she can’t find her favorite pencil.
  3. The Athena statue looks ready to crumble under the weight of all of the offerings.
  4. It’s normal to see a student walk into the library wearing pajamas, a tiara, and a blanket tied around her like a cape.
  5. I see a young man eating some sort of wrap in the main floor computer lab (with about half of it left). There are signs on every table stating that food isn’t permitted in this area of the library. We make eye contact and as he sees me start to walk over, he stuffs the entire rest of the wrap in his mouth. All I can think is, “Touché, sir, touché.”
  6. I often can’t see the circulation students that are hidden behind mounds of returned books.
  7. My office gets decorated. Really, really decorated.
  8. Students can be found sleeping all over the library. When they’re found in the middle of the floor, most people just step over them.
  9. Library loaner laptops become an especially hot commodity. There’s often at least one student waiting at the Help Desk for the next one to be available.
  10. Cookies are delivered at all hours. Seriously. All. Hours.

Courage, dear hearts, the end is near. And, done is very, very good.



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