List Therapy

This week, even shortened by a day (Monday was Memorial Day), felt so very long to me. I know it’s been an especially stressful week when, by Friday, I can’t successfully concentrate on anything for any length of time. Sometimes, to try (“Do or do not, there is no try.” See? Told you I can’t concentrate.) to rein my concentration back in, I make a list.

The list can be anything from groceries we need at home to supplies I need to buy for work to Disney restaurants I want to try (see an upcoming post!).  I love making lists and though I never spend much time making them, the act of focusing on something very specific and non-taxing centers me enough to make it through the rest of the day.

Here’s a list of things that went through my head from about 3:00pm – 3:10pm today:

  1. I love listening to Disney music at work.
  2. Crap! Did I send that email to Tigger (not his real name)?
  3. Why won’t someone answer the phone?
  4. Crap, crap, crap!
  5. Aww, Mrs. Wood (6th grade English teacher) loved that word.
  6. Heh. So did Mrs. Finnegan (12th grade AP English teacher).
  7. Crap, the email. (I did send it.)
  8. Ugh. What is that noise?
  9. I wonder what we’re having for dinner tonight. The Dude is going to kill me if I ask again.
  10. Seriously, what *is* that noise?!
  11. Oh, tacos! Not the noise. Dinner tonight.
  12. Crap, I forgot to move those meetings.
  13. I hate wearing pantyhose.
  14. Did that student finish her training? Crap.
  15. It’s a stapler. (The noise, not dinner tonight.)
  16. I love tacos.
  17. And, avocado.
  18. Oh, good. She did finish her training.
  19. I wonder what I’m going to order for dinner tomorrow?
  20. Stupid pantyhose. I can’t wait to put sweatpants on.

Ah. Got that off my chest. Now, I can go back to my regularly scheduled tasks…


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