Mmm… BBQ

I love BBQ. I love the smell of the meats and veggies cooking (on the grill or in the smoker) and the sauces simmering. I love how tender everything is and the distinct, smoky flavor that everything has. I love that you get permission to eat too much coleslaw or potato salad or corn on the cob and that there’s usually watermelon for dessert.


Ribs, beans, and coleslaw from the Firehouse BBQ truck at the Bands and BBQ Fall Festival in Celebration, FL.

I also really love how casual BBQ is, how unpretentious. You’re encouraged to eat with your hands and don’t have to bother with many utensils (and, that the plates are usually paper or plastic which means little clean-up). I like being able to get messy while I eat.

Now, I know that May is National BBQ Month, but it’s not until June that I really start craving it. In June, the semester has been over for a few weeks and all of the end-of-the-year craziness is behind us. We haven’t really started gearing up for the next year yet, so it’s just a bit quieter and more relaxed. The days are long and mild and all you want to do is eat outside. It’s the perfect time to drop pretension and just dig in.


I love ribs.

This picture is from October 2013. The Dude and I went to Disney and took a long enough trip that we ended up spending an afternoon in Celebration, FL. I absolutely loved the town; it was quaint and quiet and lovely, but still seemed to have a nice array of things to do. Plus, it’s minutes away from Disney World! As luck would have it, we visited on the day of their Bands & BBQ Fall Festival. It was an absolutely perfect (if sweltering) afternoon. We walked around a new town (one that I could see myself living in), ate really great ribs, beans, and corn, and had ice cream for dessert.

I kind of want to have that day right now, don’t you?


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