Fictional Bucket List

You know what would be cool? Being able to have long, involved conversations with animals. Or, having a (half) giant come to tell  you that you’re a wizard. Or, being given a chocolate factory just because you aren’t  horrible, greedy, and ill-behaved.

When I’m reading a book I love, I tend to get very involved in the book, very invested in the emotions and experiences of the characters. I especially love that, through them, I can experience things that I would never get to experience in my everyday life. The same goes for television shows that I really like; if something makes me want to be there, in that moment, with those characters, I’m hooked.

What experiences would I most like to have(other than the above, naturally)? Here’s my quick fictional (mostly, but not exclusively literary) bucket list:

  1. Attend Hogwarts and get a job at the Ministry of Magic.
  2. Slay a vampire (or demon or monster or whatever) with Buffy and the Scoobies.
  3. Jump into a chalk drawing with Mary Poppins.
  4. Build a cottage in the Enchanted Forest, preferably right next to Morwen.
  5. Go on a tour of London with Arthur Bryant.
  6. Step through a wardrobe and meet a satyr by a lamppost.
  7. Listen to music and have a pint in The Eolian tavern.
  8. Have dinner (or breakfast, or second breakfast, or elevensies) with some hobbits.
  9. Be one of Jessica Fletcher’s best friends (then, I won’t die, but I will get to solve mysteries with her).
  10. Eat cheesecake with Rose, Sophia, Dorothy, and Blanche.

As I was thinking about this list, I couldn’t help thinking of all of the fictional adventures that I want absolutely no part in (Trek through a fire swamp and meet an R.O.U.S.? Thanks but, no thanks.), but I’ll save that list for another day!


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