Swatting Flies and Wordsmithery

I’m really good at swatting flies. Like, freakishly good (*knock on wood so I don’t jinx myself*).

It’s pretty rare that I start stalking a fly and don’t take it down after a few minutes. I have no idea why this is. Maybe it’s because I hate flies more than any other insect? Maybe it’s because I have lightning fast reflexes? Maybe I was a cat in a previous life? Whatever the reason, it’s one of my weird, hidden talents. As a complement to my post about things I’m terrible at, here are some more of my talents:

  1. Trying new foods. This is one of my favorite things and I’ve gotten to the point where very little (foodwise) scares me. I could never knowingly eat cat/dog/horse, but a fish eye or foie gras milkshake? Bring it on!
  2. Planning Disney vacations. Seriously. I love, love, love the minutiae of it.
  3. Wordsmithing. Sometimes, starting a writing project (blog post, story, documentation) is really difficult for me, but editing is a piece of cake. At work, I always volunteer for groups in charge of editing and rehashing documents, and am often sought out to read over things that others have written.
  4. Making lists. I love these things. Plus, I feel so accomplished when I do it!
  5. Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Saved by the Bell trivia. Quick, quiz me! I miss both of those shows so much. Zack Attack and Scoobies for life!
  6. Dancing like no one is watching. Not much embarrasses me and I don’t care what others think when I randomly bust a move. Jazz hands and random leaps are often involved. I’m particularly good at The Elaine, but not so much The Sprain.

Maybe next I’ll make a list of things I want to do better!


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