Poof, Lunch

If I could have one super power,  I’d like the ability teleport. Don’t get me wrong, the practical idea of all of my atoms being pulled apart, zoomed through the atmosphere, and smooshed back together doesn’t sound ideal (my luck, I’d get splinched), but the idea of disappearing from one place and reappearing in another sounds pretty great.

For one thing, it’d be a quick cure for that pesky restlessness.

I’m not sure where I’d go first, though. Maybe to London? Or, Disney? Or, a beach where I could squidge my toes in the sand and look for shells?

Who am I kidding: I’d go somewhere to eat. Today, seems like a great day for a traditional tea, so I’d go, pick up The Dude, and take us to Brown’s for a feast.

The other super power I’d like to have? The ability to talk to animals. I can only imagine what they’d have to say! Plus, how funny would their little voices be?


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