Munch, Munch, Munch

I’m hungry. Like, really hungry. I’ve been snacking all day, and I just want more. So far, I’ve eaten the following things:

  • Breakfast: cereal with chia seeds and raisins (Yes, I drank all of the milk.)
  • Snack #1: a clementine
  • Snack #2: NY Everything Bagel Graze box
  • Snack #3: a short bread cookie
  • Lunch: 2 chicken wings, broccoli cheddar soup, and cucumbers
  • Snack #4: 2 chocolate and peanut butter Girl Scout cookies

Now, I’m contemplating snack #5.


If she was here, my grandmother would yell at me and tell me that I’m going to get fat. My grandfather would make a joke about my hollow leg. The Dude would just ask what I wanted to eat next. (He gets me.)

I’m always thinking about food. Just ask The Dude: Whenever we start contemplating a vacation destination, I start thinking about (read: obsessing over) the food options. Sometimes, I plan vacation activities around restaurants I want to try or local delicacies that I don’t want to miss (mmm, Pork Highway…). I spend hours looking up restaurants and food spots, agonizing over which is the best option. Even after I’ve made a decision, I’m guaranteed to change my mind at least once. After that, I spend even more time looking over the menu, fantasizing about my perfect meal.

Food – cooking, eating, planning, sharing – just brings me so much joy.

I can’t help it: I live to eat.



One thought on “Munch, Munch, Munch

  1. As an avid snacker myself, I say to you ” ONLY five snacks?” Personally, I think you eat pretty healthy, or at least pretty balanced, which is an accomplishment nowadays.

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