Dreaming of a Merrier World

Well, let’s see how this whole using a blog as a journal goes. I haven’t looked into how easy it is to export from WordPress, but I do know it’s possible (just from hearing Web-y folks at work talk). I’m not too worried about it. Maybe it’s better that journals are a bit more ephemeral; there’s something strange about keeping a permanent copy of things that have a certain end. Don’t get me wrong, I can see the value; I guess I’m just not afraid of endings. Or change.

I ordered a Carousel of Progress Disney shirt today. This year is the 50th anniversary of the Disney rides at the World’s Fair and the Carousel of Progress was one of them. The song featured in the ride has a line that I’m going to make my mantra for the next year: “There’s a great, big beautiful tomorrow hiding at the end of every day”. I think it’s fitting and healthy and full of hope. Because, I believe it. Things may not be so great now, but tomorrow, oh tomorrow holds such promise for things to be different and better. There is such joy in that thought, such freedom.

So, I will continually repeat that line to myself, I will hum the tune. I will do it again and again, particularly on days like today when I can’t even breathe before the next interruption.