Disney To-Dos: Little Known and Hidden Things


The key under the mat in the queue for Muppet Vision 3D.

One of the things I love so much about Disney is that there’s always something new to do, some area that can be explored just a little more. I like that you can go on a ride that you’ve been on a million times and notice a new detail or you find a new, quiet place to sit in a bustling park. Here are 10 hidden gems things I want to explore, find, or do during our next (yet to be scheduled!) trip:

  1. Meet the Mayor and pin trade with Scoop Sanderson (two of the Citizens of Main Street). Seriously, this has been on my to-do list forever, but I always miss them!
  2. Go to Jellyrolls to hear the dueling pianos.
  3. Find 10 Hidden Pascals in the Tangled rest area in the Magic Kingdom.
  4. Finally see the famous hidden Mickey plate arrangement in the ballroom scene in the Haunted Mansion. Somehow, I always miss it!
  5. Spend some time at the Animal Kingdom Lodge at night. I’d like take advantage of the night vision goggles (!!) to see the animals at night, or listen to an African story by the campfire. Obviously, we’ll be forced to stuff ourselves at Boma first…
  6. Submit a joke to the Monster’s Inc. Laugh Floor. I also want to be “That Guy,” but I’m a girl so maybe I can’t be? BUT, maybe The Dude can!
  7. Check out the Metrophone in Tomorrowland and listen to intergalactic conversations. I am nosy, after all.
  8. Meet DiVine in Animal Kingdom. I’ve heard rumors that there’s a male version, too, but I’m not positive. Anyone know?
  9. Find and press the “Press for a Surprise” buttons in Epcot’s Italy pavilion. I’m sorry in advance if I inadvertently squirt you with water!
  10. Spend time appreciating hidden or in-the-background atmospheric details. For example, I love hearing the music lessons on Main Street U.S.A., but have never heard the people talking/dishes clattering on the back patio of Tusker House. Epcot is also full of these little features (like the talking water fountains in Future World or the single cracked tile in each of Morocco’s mosaics).

I can’t wait to go back!